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Stocks and shares

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    Stocks and shares

    Investing in Stocks and Shares, 9th Edition: A step-by-step guide to making money on the stock market (A How to Book) Paperback – November 22, 2016
    by John White (Author)

    A revised, fully updated 9th edition of this bestselling book about investing in stocks and shares.

    Stocks and shares , first published in 1992, is one of the most enduring guides to investment in the stock market ever published. Now in a thoroughly revised, updated 9th edition this bestselling volume has been written and kept up to date by a professional long-term investor. It explains in plain English how the stock market works; what affects share prices;how to avoid unnecessary risks; and how you can invest successfully in shares, bonds, gilts, options and futures over the long term.
    It gives step-by-step guidance on:
    · how to trade on the stock market, whether it's going up or down;
    · successful stock investment strategies;
    · investing at minimum risk in traded options and futures;
    · buying bonds, gilts and interest-bearing deposits.

    Stocks and shares

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